Start eCommerce business on Whatsapp

Imagine you have recently launched a small-scale eCommerce business and eyeing to sell your products online. But you are facing financial constraints and have limited knowledge of the eCommerce store development process? Then what should be your plan of action?

You do have a smartphone, a data connectivity, social media accounts like Instagram and WhatsApp. In simple words, you have all the necessary items in place to launch a basic online store.

Creating an e-commerce store isn’t an easy task as it is a multi-stage process comprising coordination of different factors like selecting and implementation of the right store; developing the storefront; inventory cataloguing; payment gateway integration; clients onboarding customers etc which demand considerable investment of time and funds.

When you are new to e-commerce, there are possibilities that you should opt for something easier. Consider using WhatsApp – the messaging service. Responsible for driving a considerable shift the way companies are communicating with clients.

This communication app has replaced SMS’ and fast emerging as the primary mode of communication for many around the globe.

Boost Internal Team Communication

There’s no denying that people are reluctant to learn new technology. But since WhatsApp is used by all, it’s business adoption won’t be a problem and nobody would need training. Just create relevant groups of Sales & Development team on WhatsApp and share messages for a quick response.

Strengthen customer communication

As unbelievable as it may sound but follow-ups on WhatsApp receive 40% more response instead of direct phone calls. Consumers hate to answer calls from unknown numbers and prefer responding to personal messages. Leveraging WhatsApp for customer communication improves the response and engagement level.

Heightened Customer Support

It is an excellent tool for client support due to its wider reach. Clients would prefer to share their concerns over a message instead of talking to a helpdesk executive.

Bolster marketing & promotion

Marketers consider WhatsApp as a robust marketing tool and as an efficient one-to-one platform for carrying out direct communication with the clients. Many prefer to use WhatsApp for sending out images, audio files, short video clips, etc.


The beauty of WhatsApp is that you don’t need to pay for an installation. Just list your WhatsApp number and create a group encompassing of existing and prospective clients both. The simplicity of WhatsApp can help you achieve your business goal without burning a hole in your pocket.