Some good ideas for an artificially intelligent mobile app

Innovation-driven new ideas are rare. In fact, many of the ‘new’ ideas are usually old ones that are presented in a new way that help the customers realize the relevance of the old ideas. The target is to build a ‘connect’.

Conceptualizing an app idea is simple provided we know the answer to question – Do you aim to perform some particular functions on your smartphone? An app should be developed with the aim to address a specific problem that hasn’t been resolved by any existing app.

The artificial intelligence space has been growing rapidly. The idea of a personal assistant (e.g. Siri, Alexa, etc) which connects us to the Internet has become common nowadays. The new age app designers are pushing the boundaries of what we think technology is capable of performing.

Image result for Alexa phone


Experts are of the belief that artificial intelligence initiates with natural language understanding (NLU), ensuring that the smartphones and other devices are able to receive direct input or instructions. Some of the best-known examples are Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

An app for productivity rather than entertainment could be one that learns patterns in your behaviour or preferences. How about an algorithm that learns your lifestyle behaviour over time and can subtly modify it with notifications to become more healthy, or reduce a habit, like sending you a message “are you sure you want that cigarette?” just before you light up in your coffee break, or “why don’t you go for a jog” after an hour of video games or when your tv show finishes.

I would say that an app developer should not censor or analyze any ideas right at the beginning. Engage in brainstorming and do not worry if the idea is good or bad.


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