Ways to increase the revenue on the e-Commerce Platform

Those days of easy profit by simply having an online shop no longer exists. With the aim to compete in the growing marketplace, one should explore all the different avenues that help to bolster sales and traffic. Here are some of the possible ways to strengthen the e-commerce success –

Landing Pages – It is suggested that the paid traffic is sent to the landing pages for products, not to the homepage or even send the paid traffic to categories that are capable of matching the intent of the users. Optimisation of the landing pages is necessary.

Products descriptions and SEO – It is best to leverage the product descriptions and ensure they are engaging and original. The text description allows the search engines to index and well-selected keywords that will ensure that you are visible. Developing unique descriptions stops you from being filtered out as spam by the search engines.

Site-wide search boost sales – Luring clients to your website helps to achieve the target. The ability to help them identify products on your page is key to close the sale.One of the most effective ways to implement this is to use and easy-to-identify and even an easy-to-leverage search function. All the aspects of design – placement, colour, cursor focus etc – should be used apart from ensuring the using on-site keyword analysis to improve descriptions.

Speed – Although page abandonment is a common phenomenon for any website but for the sales-based web portals it can prove to be disastrous.


8 thoughts on “Ways to increase the revenue on the e-Commerce Platform

  1. One of the best posts I’ve read till now about e-commerce platform.. I’ve seen so many successful businesses who started with the good amount of investment with a unsucessful end.
    I am waiting for your next post.

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