Will Google adopt Swift for Android app development?

Like it or not, Google is presently considering the adoption of Swift as its key programming language for the Android application development. Android currently operates mainly on a Java platform and C++, but there are few key benefits that Swift is capable of providing.

One of the key reasons why Swift could be chosen by Google because it is open-source, high on efficiency and comes with an easy to use programming language, which could prove to be game changing for the complete Android app development process.

Reports suggest that there are significant limitations to the Java platform. Swift assumes relevance in key areas of memory management and usage of the resource. Experts are of the belief that if Google decides to switch to a modernised language, the developer’s community will be better positioned to capitalise on the limited resources in mobile devices. Moreover, they will be able to boost enhanced development on Android by the third party developers. Although Java is a preferred cross-platform language, there are many who consider it outdated as compared to the newer languages that have been created.

I recently came across a report that stated that apart from Google, both Facebook and Uber are planning a switch with the aim to meet their operational requirements. Swift is an alternative language to Objective-C capable of engaging in quick development.

The future of Swift is expected to witness enhanced adoption, as more developers are keen to bag advantage of its unique benefits. Industry veterans are vouching for Swift as they feel Android developers should invest time to learn its varied nuances as this technology is capable of driving the world of app development.