Is there any scope for any new startups in ecommerce space in India now? Is there any more business left out?

Both 2015 and 2016 so far have proven to be busy years for the Indian eCommerce space. Many new ventures were launched and larger conglomerates joined the space to bag a considerable share of the Indian eCommerce market. There are varied eCommerce firms that have been unveiled their operations.

Hyperlocal deliveries in the areas of grocery have been one of the key areas of the Indian eCommerce sector which have clocked quick and strong growth. It would be appropriate to say that the hyper-local market has witnessed the launch of new startups but many are not destined to be profitable due to the multiple offers and discounts they offer to lure new customers.

It would be appropriate to say that eCommerce segment in India has witnessed an unprecedented jump in the business activity last year. Reports suggest that the eCommerce segment in India is likely to be worth $220 billion by the year 2025. While delivery speed and product quality continue to drive the success of eCommerce store, it won’t be incorrect that logistics will decide the success of eCommerce startups.

Experts are of the opinion that innovations will drive the growth of eCommerce space in India as the demand is expected to boom with time.


The best pre and post launch digital marketing strategies for a new app

Like it or not, mobile advertising will continue to make its presence felt with global revenues surging constantly. With more adult population using smartphones and over 900,000 apps in the Apple App Store, there is no denying that mobile app publishers and business enterprises are keen to use the mobile advertising bandwagon to get their brands visible in front of the growing number of mobile users. However, with the growing competition, businesses are encountering innumerable challenges of accomplishing key multiple goals – enhanced visibility, bolstering user engagement, and propelling monetization.

I support those industry experts who believe that the successful marketing of an app demands more than strategic media purchasing, impactful creative units and result-oriented social media tactics. Moreover, it has been found that the performance-focussed mobile app marketers focus upon key metrics to target, acquire and retain loyal users – specifically those who prefer to opt for in-app purchase. The loyal consumers can enact varied roles – become repeat clients, brand advocates, engage in word-of-mouth marketing, drive business and boost ROI.

Understanding that app marketing enjoys potential to make or break any application, I have listed out some of the key marketing tactics that will help put your app ahead of the competition.

This list will help you get off the ground and promote your app to the users.

· Email marketing

Considered as a key part of any digital marketing initiative, email marketing is cost efficient. There are varied free tools available for marketing, which offers direct access to a realm of data (providing key information related to who opened your message and number of clicks on which links).

Email marketing can be used at all the different app launch stages – ranging from wide-audience pre-launch emails to emails’ launch and targeted messages for the app users.

Always remember to ensure that your email newsletters should be mobile-friendly as over 50% emails are accessed over the mobile devices (this number is expected to go up in the coming days).

· Mobile Advertising & Google remarketing (Adwords Display)

Businesses can get in touch or connect with the users irrespective of their location via mobile advertising. Are you aware that over 95% of people who browse the Internet can be your prospective client? Hence, it is essential to use Google remarketing.

To bring more value from your app, bringing the customers back assume relevance.

· Content Marketing

Developing informative content – blog article, whitepaper, images, video snippet or podcast – is an effective marketing tactic to get noticed. It can be used to promote your app pre-launch, propel awareness and project you as an expert in the industry. In this regard, mobile ready content is important so that it becomes possible for users to consume information. One can also feature user reviews in the content as it helps to boost the image of a brand.

· Social Media Marketing

When the content marketing plan is in place, creating the social media marketing plan becomes easy. It becomes mandatory to ensure that your presence is felt across social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – in relevance to the app.

‘Word-of-mouth’ is one of the easiest ways to boost your user base. In fact, you can make your users engage in social media marketing on your behalf by developing a social call to action within the app.

Since buzz creation before the actual launch is key, some of the key factors that every app developer or business should emphasis upon to get traction before it is unveiled.

  • Start marketing the app before its actual unveiling date.
  • Engage prospective clients, users and other interested people early
  • Use email to engage users
  • Bag client input on essential features
  • Offer sneak peaks to create buzz
  • Use influencers power to create buzz
  • Develop your press kit before you submit your app for review.