How do I file a complaint in consumer court against an online business portal?

It has been observed that filing a complaint in the consumer court isn’t just tough but also time-consuming for the people. Most of the consumers do not have sufficient time to pay the fee before the District Forum or State Commission or get involved in a legal hassle. Understanding that consumers are becoming increasingly unhappy with the way online e-commerce portal function, the Maharashtra government unveiled an online consumer court early this year

This online e-commerce portal is operational round-the-clock and allows the consumers, lawyers and activists to file cases from anywhere, anytime. The dedicated portal ‘’ shares updates through SMSs & emails and constantly track it 24/7. For the first time ever, citizens are allowed to approach the courts quickly. Since everything is implemented online, this initiative reduces paperwork and list all the key documents needed to register the complaint.

After necessary details and fees are sent by the petitioner, a lodging number is generated. The consumer is notified necessary details – case number, date of hearing and objections – via email and SMS. Since payment of court fees online is allowed, it is high on convenience. This service will also allow complainants to pay court fees online, enhancing its convenience.

In the past, it was seen that consumers did not prefer to register formal complaints due to multiple reasons – inconvenience of filing a case, visiting the district court. However, the presence of online portal will propel buyers to lodge complaints against etailers and eventually lower the unethical practices.

Apart from filing your complaint online at, there are other possible ways to get your complaints heard.

• Get in touch with the e-commerce player’s customer care service over phone/e-mail – In most cases, contacting the e-commerce portal’s customer care service offers desired results if the complaint is supported by relevant documents. You can directly speak to the customer support team or write a mail to get the problem resolved.

• Share your complaint on retailer’s social media page – When looking for a quick resolution to your problem, post your complaint concerned to the brand on their social media pages – twitter, FB, even LinkedIn.


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