Fly High in the Sky

Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.

Going through all those security checks, getting the boarding pass, bagging the window seat, the impatience while waiting right from boarding the flight to takeoff and landing, the awesome view of flying through the clouds

Firstly the plane went on the runway until the opposite end and all the while I was feeling as if I am sitting in a bus. But finally, it took an about-turn and the speed increased exponentially. Within a few seconds, we were high, up in the sky. The view was breath-taking. The roads seemed like bright lighted lines, the houses and cars seemed like toys. The actual city looked like a toy model of a city. My ears were humming initially when the plane increased the height, but later on, everything was fine.

Of course, I was excited to experience it; to fly above the cloud is as amazing as it is. When I saw cloud from above it seemed like Antarctica, truly amazing! I felt like walking on it while I knew I can’t.

  • After seeing this view I have an urge to look at the Earth from the space I hope I get a chance one day!
  • The feeling of “ME” vanishes and the “EGO” dissolves. From 33000 feet we are not even equivalent to a speck of dust. So even at this great height I was grounded to the Earth
  • It felt flying like a bird in the sky. I want to try sky-diving now!


Almost being high! Fell in love with that feeling right away!


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