Magical Allure of The “Taj Mahal”

If one has a heart that beats and that beat throbs to seek, the purity of love in galore!

The world changes India as ‘Incredible India’ and holds at high esteem for its holy, pure and aesthetic culture.Talking about Taj Mahal, a perfect epitome of place with majestic architectural monuments, an amalgamation of  sparkling tombs and mausoleums constructed during the era of Mughal Empire and located on banks of river Yamuna.

The Taj is one of the seven wonders of the world and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

How can I describe The Taj Mahal? You can’t its impossible.You just have to experience it.

I visited the Taj Mahal so many times along with friends and family. Let me share my first visit experience with you.

There were security checks at the entrance and already a long queue of tourists by the time we got there. However, once we got past the gates, it was like being transported into a different era. We were surrounded by lush green gardens and magnificent Mughal architecture. Even the air seemed majestic. We quickly made our way through the east gate, and lo and behold, the Taj was there in all its glory and splendour.


It was simply breath-taking and the structure looked divine with its white marble gleaming against the clear blue sky. It literally took our breath away and each one of us was engulfed in our own thoughts for a while. Slowly, as if waking up from a slumber, we began the touristy ritual of taking photographs from all angles.12795339_468852453306367_6453025408356850492_n.jpg

Moving ahead, we found ourselves at the end of yet another queue. People were lined up to get their photos taken on the famous Princess Diana bench. Even though it was next to impossible to have your picture taken without anyone else in the background, we persisted but to no avail.


After visiting the Taj Mahal, we moved on to the mosque adjacent to it, which is open only for Friday prayers. This mosque is made of red sandstone and has a similar design to the Jama Masjid in Delhi. Interestingly, another building – a replica of the mosque – was constructed on the east side just to balance the overall symmetry of the architecture. This building houses a guest house and is called the Jawab, meaning ‘response’ since its purpose is to harmonize the scenery.

The grace of perfection of proportions and grandeur of geometrical patterns of well-appointed gardens enhancing the poise of the whole complex together add magnificence to the delicacy of this romance of love, dedication, and purity, ‘The Taj’!



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